Just like any other day, with lessons experienced!

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Have you come across a day where nothing seemed to be working as planned and it just seems to be so unfair? – A day where you just get all lazy and all you want to do is crumple up on your bed with a blanket. Well, I do get those kind of days, once in awhile or maybe too many.

This is about a day like that; being in my room on my bed the whole day was doing me no good but made me a little grubby instead. So I decided to go for a walk, just like any another day.

I pulled out my favorite pair of blue jeans; tee-shirt and a jacket to stay warm while the cold breeze blew to prove its presence.

There I was ready and headed towards a different path this day, not that I was a pretend Robert Frost nor was there a great scenario on the path chosen.

A flock of birds feeding on some leftovers drew my attention for a while, “I should have taken my camera”- a thought crossed my mind. I decided to grab my camera which was left untouched for a long while.

I creeped back home, took my camera and was back with the birds in no time.

I tried moving inch by inch not to disturb their meal and sat down, an attempt to reach their eye level. Kept my right foot a step ahead of my left, what is the harm in adopting a professional touch? After a few out of focus photos, corrected the exposure to try again.

A fearless bird came close enough for a good shot, while I looked through the viewfinder with a determination to make the best out the opportunity. Bruuuzzzzzz… all of them flies off at the noise at the construction site nearby. *click*..*click*…*click* I got some shots of them flying away.

Lessons learnt through experience

1st lesson of the day: You may not get what you focus for, but make the best of out what you get.

The birds have flown away, what do I photograph now?, I questioned myself and walked aimlessly.

My neighborhood didn’t contain anything eye catching till date, the passersby kept staring at me walking around with a camera. My present mood would have made me stop, stare and ask “What’s with you?-but I decided to ignore and kept walking.

My walk slowed down to a little Asian girl, with dark brown silky hair aged not more than 4, she hadn’t noticed me and continued blowing out bubbles from a little bottle. It brought smiles on my face, her pleasant face, the innocence and carefree attitude. She played being unnoticed by the world around her. I craved for a little conversation and a picture of the girl, while I notice an old lady sitting on a pavement waiting for her granddaughter (I assume).

I sat next to the lady with a hidden intention, -a picture of the little girl. The lady looked tired and fragile. I asked the little girl her name in the lady’s presence. The little girl hesitated and looked at her grandma, say your name she promoted.

The little girl smiled before she answered “Melissa”. “Oh, that is a lovely name”, I said. There was no expected happiness on their face for the positive comment. The little girl kept playing; the sight of the girl playing with bubbles would make a great picture, before seeking the grandma’s permission. I thought to be more acquaintance with her.

“Where do you stay?”-was my next question to the lady. This apartment she said as she pointed to the closest apartment. “Oh, alright I stay close by” I said without being asked.

The poor lady heard me wrong and was excited for a millisecond. Oh, you stay in the same apartment? The excitement disappeared as I corrected her; I wonder what made her excited. She didn’t seem interested in further conversation, she looked worried and disturbed, sharing her troubles to an acquaintance (Am I there yet?) wouldn’t be something she liked to, hence I didn’t ask.

I slowly stood up to leave keeping my request to myself, I kept walking, and focusing at everything I saw till something interested me. I turned back in a minute to see no trace of the lady or the girl. Was that a dream? Did I scare them away? Maybe the lady wasn’t happy with my camera. Come on, I meant no harm. Would she allow me to click a snap or two if I ever asked?

2nd lesson of the day: If you don’t ask the answer is always “NO”

I took few shots of a car focusing on the rims of the wheels; there was something which interested me there. Unsatisfied with the outcome, I walked towards a generator room; the door was locked with huge pan locks ensuring no trespassers. The door was after two steps, I wanted the steps and the door in a tight frame. I leaned on the car which was my object a couple of minutes ago.

I clicked, viewed the picture, worked on the corrections again and again. Zoomed in and out and tried again. Viewing the captured image and zooming in to find any noticeable corrections, and repeating the same for a while now.

“Did you get what you are looking for?”

I was startled at the unexpected voice, turned around to see a guy with a bright smile. I kept looking at him in order to recognize the face. My brains scanned the entire database and gave me no answer. He was unfamiliar to me I concluded, by then the smile started fading off his face. He might have regretted asking.

“Oh well, not really”, I said waking myself from a sleep, and taking a look at the picture once again.

“You basically want a picture of the door right? Why don’t you trying standing here?, he said, pointing at a different spot. I hesitated for a second before following his advice.

I clicked a picture, smiled and said “Yeah” seeming quite happy with the outcome. Not even a handshake or self-introduction took place. With no more talks the guy/gentleman smiles and walks away, waving a salute. It was surprising to find someone free to spend some time correcting a stranger in the busy world.

3rd lesson of the day: Consider different views, it may make a difference.

Everyone is busy working on their track records, take a break, if a smile, a soft look, an advice, an appreciation, a pat on the shoulder, a small talk, a positive gesture makes a difference, why not?! You may be unaware of how happy or positive someone may feel in your presence, make an impact it would sure reflect back someday!

Do good, spread the positivity!

Good day!!


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